Warehouse Services

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Types of Warehouses : Private Warehouses

hese warehouses are owned and operated by big manufacturers and merchants to fulfil their own storage needs. Big business firms which need large storage capacity on a regular basis and who can afford money, construction and maintain their private warehouses.

Public Warehouses

These warehouses are a specialised business establishment that provide storage facilities to the general public for a certain charge. It may be owned and operated by an individual or a cooperative society. It works under a licence from the government.

Short Term Storage

We can provide the facilities for short terms storage of goods. This is a temporary phase while the final settlement of goods are done at your place. We can also provide for facilities where the goods are to be stored over night or during the transit for a short term.

Long Term Storage

This is normally when the client is looking for storage of his goods for longer durations like more than a month or so. In this case the duration of storage is pre-defined. The contract for the same is created and the contract needs to be renewed and re-confirmed once it is expired.

Bonded Warehouses

These warehouses are licenced by the Government to accept imported goods for storage until the payment of customs duty. They are located near the ports. They are either operated by the Government or work under the control of customs authorities.

Benefits of Warehousing

Warehouses enable storage of goods when their supply exceeds demand and by releasing them when the demand is more than immediate productions. This on one hand ensures a regular supply of goods in the market and on the other hand it helps to stabilize prices by matching supply with demand.